Professional Aviation Services
Since 1977


  • Prescribed burning with in-house Primo MK III Sphere Dispenser
  • Wildfire Supression with Bambi bucket
  • Firefighter / Crew transportation
  • U.S. Forest Service / OAS Carded pilots and equipment
  • Qualified for cargo letdown and rappelling operations

Aerial Film/Photography

  • 35 years experience as Aerial Camera Platform for Major Motion Picture & Television Productions
  • Full passenger/cameraman/pilot intercom.
  • All aircraft have removable or sliding doors 
  • Experienced pilots available as technical advisors


  • Precision ROW Reclamation
  • Lifts in Excess of 2,000lbs
  • Wet & Dry Applications
  • Highly Experienced in Mountainous Terrain


  • All aircraft are operated on a 135 Certificate to better serve you
  • Multi-Aircraft – Jet Rangers, Long Rangers, MD’s, & A-Stars
  • Various Passenger Capacity for more pricing flexibility.

Power Line Construction/HVAC

  • Skid Work/Tower Transfers & More
  • Pole Setting
  • Marker Ball Installation
  • HVAC Installation and Cargo Lifts +2,000lbs

Patrols/Leak Detection/ IR

  • Patrols Emergency Patrols with multiple aircraft
  • Aerial Leak Detection
  • UV/IR Corona
  • Gimbal Mounted Video

Aerial Application

Southern Helicopters Utilizes a Long Ranger with Isolair 160 Gallon tank and Kawak System to deliver more product, at higher speeds to better serve your Aerial Application Needs.

“Southern Helicopters truly sets the standard.”

Since 1977 we have been providing helicopter services throughout the United States. Our approach is one of safety consciousness, and doing everything we can to be above bar on each project. All of our aircraft are maintained on 135 Certificates and we approach each project with the same attention to detail.

We cover a wide array of services and have a variety of aircraft to suit each project.

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National Reach, multi-airframe, Part 133, 135, & 137 Operator since 1977.
One call takes care of everything.

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